Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Alone again

Wednesday - February 26, 2003
Alone again

Danielle, Wingnut, Amy, Barb, Daisy, Sinni have all left again.

I thought that I would do fine when the kids and dogs left. I did for awhile. My stepmother came to visit. That kept me busy and fairly content even though we discussed sad topics. She brought me a floor lamp! Now I can read in a chair! And my mood went downhill as soon as she left.

But now, at 9 PM, I am doing better. I am remembering my life before the visits.

We ate a lot. Danielle made a beautiful roast chicken; Amy made great steak and purrfect mashed potatoes! I made the best pot roast I have ever done. And every day: Ben and Jerry's ice cream. The kitchen faucet was replaced (but note: it is now wiggling around on the sink! Do I need to have the plumber back?), the plumber installed valves under the kitchen sink, I took photos of the updates in the house, we watched a lot of TV.

It was -20° this morning. Or -23°, as NOAA reported to me. Either one, it was impressive while kids were here! It reached -3° when they left at 11:30 AM. On one of the other nights they were here, the wind was the noisiest and the most moving that I have experienced here.

Barb loves Chinese Tiles (OS 9) and is trying to resolve the Corners layout mystery with me. Which has gotten me to tackle it again.

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