Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Driving Over Lemons

Wednesday - February 26, 2003
Driving Over Lemons: An Optimist in Spain

Written by the former Genesis drummer.

When I enjoy a book, I check the blurb about it. Chris Stewart never mentioned his former job in the book. In fact, he only mentions how he has sheared sheep in Sweden for a month every year for many years. This is not how I envision rock stars. But I have many prejudices. Especially about celebrities. What in the world can they teach the rest of us?

Anyhow....Stewart left Genesis at age 17, so I feel better about my recommendation of this book. I wish he had written more pages. The first half of the book does not seem to have been written as well as the second half. Just when Stewart finds rhythm and imagery in his writing, the book ends.

This life in Andalucia, Spain, is not as precious and pretentious as Mayle's in A Year in Provence, which I thought was excellent. Until I read this. Both authors are expatriots of England but in different nations. Stewart needs to work as a farmer and sheep shearer in order to live his dream in Spain. I don't remember Mayle needing to participate so fully in local life.

Find me Stewart's e-mail so that I can deluge him with requests for sequels!

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