Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Cats are Distraught

We woke up to this. Of course, at 5 AM we can't see a thing so we all stayed in. As the sun rose we couldn't believe our eyes. At first I thought it was another heavy frost in the gloom of dawn. But Charlie always gets up as the light begins to come and I saw this when I let him out.

Charlie only stayed out about a half hour.

The state plow came by at 8 AM. Buddy had gone out by then and is hanging around the garage where just yesterday he made his last kill on a sunny warm day (40 degrees is pretty warm for now).

My car is home (for $225) but does not have studs. My summer tires are not in the best of shape. So here we go again!

The little birds, which I have not identified yet, are still flitting about noisely in this weather. They are behind the house and forage about the transition zone at the edge of the woods and the overgrown field. The trees are bending over from the weight of this first snow – which is always a heavy wet snow.

I suppose the moose hunters will love this: it will be easier to track the animals. I hope my moose are safe up on the mountain. There have been no hunters on this side.

More snow is expected in the middle of the week. But the remnants of Hurricane Wilma are expected after that, so there will be more flooding. But at least no snowy roads!


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