Monday, October 31, 2005

NexSat Weather Satellite Movies of the Great Storm

I was browsing through my news feeds tonight and found a hint at about making weather movies. One of the comments led me to the Naval Research Lab site (NRL Monterey Weather Satellite Products, Images, & Movies) that has the images and can create movies (animated gifs actually) from the archive that you select.

So I selected NexSat, then "snow cover" and avhrr_composite (not because I know what avhrr_composite means but because it looked good).

Then I clicked region/sector, and selected East, then Overview. I then scrolled down and clicked animate.

Then this blue window opened up with button selections. Click the gif option so that you can option-click (right-click for PC) your final movie. Click large. My large gif of 8 days of images is a 1 meg file!

Then select the images from the archives that you want (I used option-click on my Mac to make multiple selections). Then SUBMIT and wait a bit (even on broadband it is a bit of a wait). Then watch your custom made movie!

Once you are done being amazed at what you have made, option-click (right-click on PC) on the movie, select download to disk, and you have your own movie! My movie is what you see up above! :-)

The dates of the image archive are Monday, Oct 24 to Monday, Oct. 31.
Yellow is cloud cover, white is snow cover and brown is the earth.

The gif doesn't animate here on! Go to to see it in motion.This page has been successfully tested on Safari, Foxfire, and Explorer.

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