Friday, October 28, 2005

Nor'easter Posts & Wrap-Up

My entries on the storm end with five media accounts about it (six if you count this one!).
Here is a listing, in order, of the entries:

(all these links open in a new window, which you can
close when finished and return to here)

  1. NexSat Satellite animated images of the storm; Oct. 24-31
  2. Monday, Oct. 24: Winter Storm Watch
  3. Tuesday morning, Oct. 25: Vermont
  4. Tuesday evening, Oct. 25: The storm is here
  5. Wednesday, Oct. 26: The storm is still here
  6. Thursday, Oct. 27: It won't end
  7. Friday, Oct. 28: The storm is over

A listing of the media content:
  1. Caledonian Record 1
  2. Caledonian Record 2
  3. MSNBC
  4. Burlington Free Press
  5. Barton Chronicle

Here are two climatology maps from NOAA (both are from Wednesday, 10/27/05 data)

Click on images to see them full size.

Snowfall to water equivalent conversion:

Snow depth:

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