Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Last Shrew of Summer

I should not say “of summer” since it was finished long ago. But “of this year” or “of this season” just didn’t have the allure of “last summer”. Buddy went out this morning at 4 AM because I was up with a massive hot flash. It was 28° out and very frosty (still no snow!). He returned at 6am with this poor shrew. I know the photo is grotesque but the shrew enabled me to try out my newly discovered camera’s macro capabilities and they work very well as we can see.

I have gotten three complaints about my fly photos: “they are gross”, “what is motivating you??” and “what’s next, dead things?” (well, yeah, I guess so). But the cluster flies are the only living things other than people and cats to photograph close up. I will look for an alive spider today in the garage. I may even try some landscape photos of the beaver ponds as they begin to freeze.

There are no hunters parked on the road this morning. No gunshots have been heard.

A syncing preference pane for iCal and gCal is coming out soon! All those hours devising ways to manually sync the two with automators, scripts and e-mail are for nothing. But it’s worth it if it works! see for more information!

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