Sunday, December 10, 2006


agove: Hazel was already sick with EGC)

Hazel and Matilda have died from eosinophilic granuloma complex. They were wonderful cats and I still miss them. I posted this entry to Cat Behavior, a group that I have joined:

I had a stray pregnant mom, Matila. She had six kittens and was the best mom I had ever seen. But one of the kittens, Hazel, was a troublesome girl and as soon as she could walk, she kept disappearing in the house. Mom was pretty upset about this and spent a lot of time howling and searching for this kit. Then suddenly one day I noticed that Hazel never left her mother's side! And then I saw that mom had chewed every last whisker off this kitten; right down to the skin!

Hazel never recovered her independent spirit. Whenever those two were separated (such as trips to the vet, etc), there was awful howling.

Before this experience, I had never heard of it happening either. My vet confirmed that it happens often.

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