Sunday, December 31, 2006

Snowy Day Activities

Use that leftover Christmas cheese and leftover box of shells and make macaroni and cheese . . . from scratch!

Wash the dishes.

Think about taking a shower.

Work on a huge desire to get out of the house because you can't.

Rinse out bottles for redemption.

Don't walk down to the mailbox: your feet might get wet and cold!


If you can't think of anything to blog, then just edit the blog and find stuff to put on it. Memes are nice and complicated.

Remember those loaves of bread you cheerily made for Christmas presents but which came out unlike any bread you had ever made before and so you don't know what to do with it? Take pictures of it for your blog about snowy day activities. And then devise a project for your flickr pages: how long will it take wild animals (outside wild animals) to eat the dry, stale bread?

Break up cat fights.

Let cats out.

Call cats in because they are so stupid to be out.

Try to find that Shostakovich (or was it Mahler?) symphony you used for a movie a million years ago but you don't find it but you hear a lot of great music.

Have fun with Nair!

Take stupid pics for this blog.

E-mail everybody you know.

Eat your great macaroni and cheese while hunched over the computer.

Take stupid pics for flickr.

Think about taking a shower again.

Brush your teeth a different way and wonder if it is a better way.

Walk into the storm in your slippers in order to take a picture for this blog and then have frozen feet half the day.

Feel sorry for yourself.

Have a little anxiety attack.

E-mail strangers with stupid questions.

Be grateful for the draft dodger thing that Amy got you for Christmas and keep stuffing it under the door after you let the cats out. And stuff it back again after you haul the cats in because they are so stupid to be out in this weather.

Be shocked and amazed at how much damage Amy's two little dogs can do to the steel door that you stuff the draft dodger under.

Walk outside in the snow in your slippers again in order to place the bad loaves of bread in the most advantageous place for wildlife.

Use fd's flickr toys to spiff up Symmetry Amy from two years ago.

E-mail the link to your snowy day activity blog in the middle of the night to everyone you know. Wonder if they are your friends anymore.Go to bed about 3 AM because you are so bored.

Fret in bed: are these handful of people that I e-mailed earlier: are they the only people I know??

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