Sunday, December 03, 2006

A Weekend

Well, I’m sort of sick this weekend. Not flat-on-my-back-sick-in-bed, but enough so I can’t go out, can’t do housework. I am mostly sleeping. and I hurt my foot badly in school Friday so I can barely walk. But I did do all of my Christmas shopping and list making. The list making isn’t going so well on screen because I can’t compare and rewrite the lists.

And I figured out a work-around for the “1-burn” audible rule and made CDs (but not enough) for folks. (The Work-Around: make your one copy, then insert your new CD back into computer. When it asks if you want to import the tracks even though it can’t find track names on Grace Notes, say YES. After the import be sure to use -I to change the information on the import. Each import begins with track 1 and will overwrite any previous track 1s you may have.)

I trudged out in the snow to take the above photo of the progress on the siding of the house. It looks great! It looks like a new house, in fact. There was another dead shrew in the garage, and a dead woolly bear caterpillar (wooly bear is also a correct, alternative spelling). It’s red band is wide, which means a mild winter. It crawled into the garage sometime Friday during the flooding rains and died while the snow flew Saturday.

This photo and my mailbox photo are on my flickr page. I expected there to be thousands of woolly bears posted there, but I could only find four or five. Those were alive, though.

Sue came by and picked up her camera. I missed the Burke-Lyn craft fair that we always go to. I missed talking to her. She did ask me about Fibonacci and fractals and string theory but I’m not feeling well enough to be too talkative.

I have not read, I have not done housework. I am focusing on what I have not done and I shouldn’t. I’m glad I’m alone this weekend, actually......although now, this second day of not feeling well makes me think I have a fatal disease. The only really important thing I have to do is my CCV work: loads to correct and read and score.

The YouTube site is running as poorly as ever. The playlists utility does not update correctly. I tried Safari, Camino and Foxfire and it never worked right. But of course, they are a Yahoo site now so I guess we can expect the same poor quality.

It is nearly 4 PM now and I am hungry! This is the first time I’ve felt hungry in two days. The pains in my stomach have disappeared (I think!). I wish it were Christmas now. I can’t wait for everybody to get their presents. I want to bake with Christmas movies and music on the TV and radio.

Well, I guess I’ll go eat, finish the dishes, do the wash, and grade papers. And watch more Christmas movies. Today was a John Denver movie about Georgetown, CO. The whole town believed in Santa. Denver was recent widower and architect sent to this town to scope it out for development. Of course, he loved the place, they loved him, but the evil developer was going to destroy the town anyhow, and on Christmas Eve, too! But they got the place back and everyone lived happily ever after.

It’s strange how my fondest Christmas memories are of movies and not my own Christmas life.

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