Monday, January 22, 2007

Cat Tuesdays: Charlie

Amelia and I got Charlie as a youngster from the North Country Animal League soon after she moved to Vermont. Amy loves big male ginger cats. Although Charlie was small then, she knew this was her cat. Oh, I should mention that Amy also likes cats with huge attitude. Charlie has it.

Charlie has thrived here. Although he violently dislikes strangers and will disappear into the woods until they go back where they belong, he is outgoing with family. He has few cat friends in the house. He hates Buddy (and Buddy hates him). They will fight if they are together in the house too long.

Charlie has his charming side (but it is often difficult for me to see it!). Amelia loves him but she moved to Newport and it would have been cruel to confine Charlie in a house in the city. So he is with me, harassing my buddy Buddy.

When Charlie wants to sleep in bed with you, he curls around your neck. No. "Curls" is the wrong word. Body-slam is better. He actually throws his body, painfully, against you to cuddle up. He doesn't fall over; he tosses himself. His purrs are outrageously loud.

Charlie has three gruesome habits:
  1. He swallows his mice whole. I came across him one day this past summer in the woods as a tail disappeared down his throat. I was horrified!
  2. Charlie decapitates his mice. He brings the pieces into the garage. But he doesn't leave his kills around my car like Buddy does. He seems to drop mice parts here and there randomly.
  3. Charlie skins his kills. One morning this summer I came across a mouse head that was cleanly skinned. The rest of the details are not appropriate for this blog, so I will refrain from writing them.
I care for Charlie responsibly and with care. But I cannot say that I love him. He is a pain in the ass. I hope Amy soon moves back to the woods so that she and her beloved Charlie can live together in harmony!

Handsome copper-eyed Charlie stalks Buddy from my desktop.

Have a great week and happy blogging!


  1. He is such a beautiful cat ! but apparently not so good to live with. I laughed very much about your mouse killing description ! only Pookie brings mice home but ALIVE ! and Mr. Gattino catches them with a newspaper and puts them carefully in the garden, lol ! I inherited Pookie and Kim from my son, he had to work 3 month in Amsterdam and had an appartment, so he asked me to host his cats for three month. Now it's five years, they are still there, but they are very cute and now belong to us.
    Would you mind to put the little toilet cat picture on the top of your post next time ?

  2. We also have a young cat, Pippin, who seems to drop from the sky onto me in my bed at night. And he isn't light! But eventually, he curls up against my legs and settes down. His human is my daughter, who also lives away, in town. But I love Pippin, he's a sweetie!
    It's a shame you don't feel that way about Charlie, I hope he gets plenty of visits from his human.

  3. I forgot to explain for the doctor ! He is of the "old school" and loves his patients. He is not married and loves to visit people. Usually a doctore only comes when you are half dead.

  4. Cats can be revolting creatures, when they get into hunting mode !! But, I love them anyway !!
    Take care, Meow

  5. Charlie looks lovely! And he eats real mice! Oh my! I only get to play with catnip mice, but I'm an indoor-only cat. He must be a very good hunter.

  6. What a beautiful cat! Glad my kitty is an indoor kitty, I don't know if I would like her to go after mice, I am too skittish around them (mice that is)

    Have a great Tuesday!

  7. Charlie could be the cat in an old Kliban Cat cartoon.... the kitty is singing:
    "Love to eat those mousies,
    Mousies what I love to eat,
    Bite they little heads off,
    Nibble on they tiny feet!"

    Yes, perhaps Charlie is one of those crooning cajun cats.

    Mine is up too.

  8. Charlie sounds like my boy Darius as far as the mouse thing goes. He is lucky to keep it down! What a beautiful cat Charlie is...

  9. Hi, im so glad that you are in Cats on Tuesday too!

    Charlie is lovely!

  10. I think it is common to "top and tail" mice before eating them. Mine always leave the tail and usually the head. He sounds great. I would love a body slamming hug from Charlie!

  11. Whoaw, Charlie sure sounds like a vicious hunter! I'm glad he has a charming side though :)


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