Monday, January 29, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Zorro

Zorro, originally uploaded by meeyauw.

Zorro is my third cat that goes outside. He's fairly new at it though: I have only allowed him out for two summers now.

Zorro was born in August of the year the movie Zorro was released, hence his name. He has some white pinhairs on his chest but otherwise is totally black. He is the son of Matilda: a very special mother cat that died last year. I will tell you about her next week.

Zorro has a teeny tiny feminine voice which makes him the brunt of jokes of the family! Poor thing!

The first summer I lived in this house, Zorro escaped during the night. He had always been a very timid housecat that ran away from the door. But that night the cats knocked out the screen in the window and climbed over three roofs on my house and disappeared! I was horrified when I woke up. I live in the woods and had heard horror stories about cats being eaten by fox, coyotes, wolves, bears, and even hawks! So I spent the next few hours resceing them.

Zorro was the last cat that I "saved" from the wilds that day. While meowing pitifully from under the barn, he refused to come towards me and kept running away to do better things! Since that morning he has had an everlasting desire to be out with the wild cats. I finally began to allow it and I have had no regrets since. He has gained weight and muscle and is very self-assured now.


  1. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for coming by my Front Porch and saying hello... it's always fun to meet new people out here in the blogosphere!!

  2. It really sounds to me out of another world ! Zorro eaten by coyotes ! My cats only risk to be bitten by a dog !
    I will right about Arthur's visit to the vet tonight.

  3. I forgot ... could you please put the little picture the cat on the toilet on the top of your blog, so that others can see that you are participating to this group ? Thank you !

  4. Hi Zorro, I've escaped once or twice, too!

    My companion doesn't let me out at night because she's afraid I might eat the wildlife...I probably would, too. Also there are snakes around and she goes really mad when I chase them.

    So, I have to stay inside at night to keep me and the wildlife safe.



  5. Zorro, you are a lovely cat! You are very brave to go outside. I'm an indoor-only cat.

  6. Zorro certainly is a very beautiful cat. And the eyes are so striking against the black. His voice sounds like my Momo's voice!

    Momo is the only one of mine who likes to go out, and only to eat grass! The girls love to look but will not venture off the porch and won't even go out if they think you might close the door on them!

  7. Zorro is a beautiful kitty.
    My Bambi is an inside / outside kitty .. in and out during the day, but definately inside only at night. She has accepted that this is the way it is, and makes the most of her day time. Fortunately, she doesn't wander far, rarely leaving our block of land.
    Take care, Meow

  8. Ah, Zorro seems to have a good life. Not all cats want to be house cats, some love the hunt and exploring. You can't keep my boy cat in at night in the summer. He loves the bats and mice at dusk. He refuses to use a liter box. He prefers his privacy in the woods. My girl kitty, the opposite, she only likes to go out on perfect temperature days and vex the birds.
    Zorro is a great cat name BTW.

  9. I understand so well your feelings when Zorro disappeared. It's so scary when they suddenly are out in the real wild world with lot's of threats.
    Same happende with our 3 first Manx cats. One after one had their "days off" - at at time we lived downtown Oslo. They were away from 3 - 8 days. We were in great dispair; but every time it was a Happy End. (They later was killed by cars in the countryside, where we live during the summers)

    I'm coming back to visit Zorro


  10. Oh, Zorro! How handsome, and from your adventures, brave as well! D :)

  11. We have one cat who likes to nose around outside, a few that think they want to but when confronted with the task they change their minds (and they say only women do that) and a couple that run and hide when the door opens.

    The funny thing is that we have had cats indoors and dogs that were outdoors. They get along well as long as they stay in their own space. Our dogs, who would tear up a furry thing running in their back yard will walk the long way around if confronted by a cat in the house.

    Zorro looks a lot like one of my friend's cats... Itty Bitty Kitty (who isn't that itty bitty any more) and Shadow. Itty Bitty has amber eyes, Shadow a brilliant green.

  12. I once had a black cat called Zorro too! Methinks it's a great name for a black cat. Mahalo for the visit! I log your blogging name, and I learned something when I read your comes from the Egyptians. Very interesting!


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