Friday, January 05, 2007

flickr, Scout, and Explore photos

I got this tip from a flickr forum somewhere. Unfortunately I don't know where. I put it on a stickienote and never put the credit on it. I haven't tried it yet.

flickr tips

Here's a tip that may help. I picked this up in someone else's link that showed his photo was in the top 10.

1) Delete any characters in the URL which are showing AFTER your photo ID#. That's the number after your member name or member number. You don't want any "in photostream" or group names after that number. In fact, make sure there isn't even a slash after it.

2) Copy and paste this line

and replace every character BEFORE your photo ID# with that URL prefix. It should look like this:

with your photo# instead of 1234, etc.

This will reveal not only if this individual photo is in Explore, but it will give you it's history for the past 6 days at least. The more it moves up and down the ranks, the more information it will show.

And to sweeten the deal, this page will also tell you what the highest rank was for the photo and the date it reached that highest ranking.

Once you've done that, bookmark/favorite that Scout page for each photo so you can keep going back to check on that page without having to write that long URL out each time.

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