Saturday, January 06, 2007

Photo Hunters: Memory

It is ironic that Memory is the theme for this week. Ever since Christmas I have been remembering how my past life has led me here to Vermont in 2007. Sad memories of a broken family and too many losses make sad moods. Sadness can create fear of the future, also. The past two weeks have been grim.

But tonight, because of the Photo Hunters theme, I knew I had to post this old photo of myself. I don't even know how old I was or where it was taken. What I do know is that I was obviously happy and that I still have the toy dog in the photo. I know his name, too: Boo. I know that because my oldest sister has told me. He is safe in the attic closet, all worn and tattered, but warm.

I have been told that I would never go anywhere without Boo. One day I left him somewhere and he was lost forever. My father had to find an identical one for me, which is the one in the photo.

I spoke on the phone to both of my daughters tonight and IM'ed with my son. They are so supportive and praise me! Can you imagine that? With all the mistakes I made when they were young they have made me the most fortunate woman in the world with three children that are willing to love and support me no matter what. Because of those three conversations, I am feeling stronger again and the sadness is disappearing.

Let us all go forward in 2007 counting our blessings and supporting each other when we are tired and begin to doubt our abilities.

Finally I can say Happy New Year!


  1. My daughter has one teddy she call Pinky and its not pink anymore. So I can relate to your story. Happy new Year and you look cute in this photo.

  2. You look about 2-3 years old.
    A very sweet photo.
    Luckily we can choose which memories we keep and throw out the ones we want to forget.
    Happy Saturday.
    Mine's up too!

  3. What a sweet photos. I'm glad that it can remind you of happy times.

  4. That's something awesome I've discovered about doing the Photo Hunt too, is the reflection that at times comes with a theme.

    Sounds like you really are a fortunate woman and I hope that your wish for 2007 comes true.


  5. Glad you have that photo to look back on. I still have my teddy bear from about that age. It sits on top of my dresser. Thanks for sharing your photo and have a nice weekend.

  6. How sweet.

    My memory is shared also.

  7. Wow, what a neat story. I still have the bear my dad gave to me the day I was born, his name is Ted. My mom also has my favorite blanket as a kid that I called Purp (it was purple).

    Mine is up too.

  8. I love the joy in that out-flung arm.

  9. What a great b&w photo of you. Adorable. Great choice for the hunt.

    My son has a yellow blankie that he used to take everywhere. After one episode of leaving it somewhere, we took out a Sharpie marker and wrote his name on it.

  10. Hi sweetie,
    Thank you for visiting my blog, and my 1st Photo Hunt photo of the "spoolies"....It sounds like your children have come together in support for thier mom, and you sound "loved!" Good for you!!!

  11. thanks for sharing your memories especially of BOO. May 2007 be a year of many happy memories.


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