Saturday, January 20, 2007

Photo Hunters: Wild!

Cabin Fever
It's been a rough week. The temperatures dropped to fifteen below zero. The high temperature on Wednesday was six below zero. Naturally, I can't let the cats out! Only three cats are allowed out: Buddy, Zorro and Charlie. They needed to get out and work off their aggression.

Seen here are Buddy and Zorro. They tried to curl up together for a nap. But a fight broke out. Fights have been breaking out frequently in the house this week. Zorro is not a fighter, though. He is polite with males and females alike. He was born into my family the year the movie Zorro was released. He has a very high pitched voice and the darkest fur. There are one or two pin hairs on his chest that are white. His eyes, you can see, are very green. Zorro has no bad habits and has never hurt another creature; he has not even killed outside yet!

Being forcibly shut in this week has caused stress. Despite a large house with plenty of room for privacy, these three outdoor cats are picking on each other. Their "domestication" has been worn thin.

These bad boys finally settled their argument and fell asleep end-to-end:

Have a great (and warm) week!


  1. oh how I remember as a kid how painful a cat scratchin could be !! yeooowww!!
    In the end I just stayed out of any kitty arguments :)
    thanks for visitng us.

  2. Wow! What a wild wide eyed glazed look he has! That is just the I feel when I am shut in for that long! lol Cute! :)

  3. Nice shot. Very wild eyed!!

  4. Fights happen in the best families, lol ! I can imagine the picture when outdoor cats have to stay inside ! You have to arm yourself with a lot of courage ! BTW I publish also cat stories on my catblog during the week not only on Tuesdays (how is that, making publicity for myself ?)

  5. Yep, we cats have to let out that stress somehow! I hope it warms up there!

  6. Wow! Cute but wild! Really nice pictures.

    My photo is up too. Please stop by my blog and have a look!!

    Have a nice weekend,
    I will exercise for comments!!

  7. Great photos, but they made me a little scairt!

  8. Cool!!!
    (and I love the name Zorro! How awesome)

    Mine's posted. Come join me on my wild and crazy adventure.
    Happy Saturday.

  9. The second picture is so cute the way they are sleeping, all spent from their wild fight. Hopefully they'll be able to go out soon.

  10. I'm sorry to hear that the weather deprives you and your dear cats of going out.

    Thanks for sharing this entry. Mine is up too.

  11. Beautiful pictures of your kitties!
    My kitties want to go out, and when they see how cold it is, they come in again and scratch up the furniture!
    Thanks for dropping by!
    Happy Weekend

  12. They're just like kids... *S*

    I like how they ended up sleeping anyway :-)

  13. Even cats get crazy when shut in... ours don't fight as much as run like lightening through the house. Sound like a heard of elephants. All cats have that touch of the wild inside.
    Mine is up too.

  14. Love the eyes!! I tried to get a wild photo of my cats too, but they weren't cooperating!

    Franklin Foto

  15. what very wild looking eyes! Great photo! My photo is up, please come and visit

  16. What beautiful cats you have, and that is a fabulous photos ... caught in the act !! I can imagine they would go hugely stir-crazy with not being allowed out. I know just overnight (my cat isn't allowed out overnight), my kitty is going mad by morning !!
    Thank you for visiting my blog the other day ... sorry I haven't stopped by before now.
    Have a great weekend and week.
    Take care, Meow

  17. It looks like you had a "wild" week!

  18. yes - beautiful cats :) I do hope it warms up soon where you are - that sounds awfully cold.. take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Great photo, they are looking wild at the moment.

  20. thank you, Deseret Diva! I love your photo: such beautiful mountains. I'm sorry I was unable to post a comment there. I hope you see this comment!!


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