Monday, January 01, 2007

Sammy in Explore

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Sammy's photo made Explore today: #393 for December 15, 2006. Now that is quite a long time ago! The pattern seems to be that I respond to all comments and I have also been visiting all commenters photos and viewing a complete set. The photos are magnificent and I fav many (because they truly are wonderful). The people that I fav then visit me and fav me and comment on new photos. And that seems to be how I get on Explore.

In my opinion, this photo is good. It is a scanned photo and back then I had learned how to scan and crop quite well.

Sammy died of kidney failure when he was very young. Amy had tried to prolong his health with regular IV medication and hydration but it didn't take long for him to succomb. We will never know why he became so ill, but I am convinced it is because he was living on the street for quite awhile eating all sorts of things and being exposed to all sorts of poisons.

Sammy made Cat of the Day on January 3, 2000. His photo there was the way he looked when I found him.

Congratulations, Sammy! We'll never forget you!

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