Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spectators at the iPhone Display

I only want the biggest one.
Not the biggest you can afford: THE BIGGEST ONE.

Justification: when I am in a ditch on a snowy icy night in the far northern reaches of Vermont without any cell service, (see Barton Mountain Alliance) I will be able to watch movies, listen to my tunes and freeze in peace.

Check out
and iPhone Count Down


  1. Freeze in peace, lol ! but please defreeze tomorrow for your cat !

  2. As I had the idea to create this group I had to keep all the links of the participants who wanted to become members. I made a blogroll (which you see in my sidebar) but I wait for a blogfriend who makes me the "adaptor" so that I can put the html code on my blog. I tried it on a post, but Blogger refuses html codes ! I hope I will get it for tomorrow, otherwise help yourself with the links on my blogroll ! You know this group is very new only since end November and there were the holidays in between.


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