Friday, January 12, 2007

White Tails

I have no photo and I wish I had been more aggressive in trying to get one. At 10 PM tonight I went out to see if any cats wanted to come inside. I also wanted to see what the weather was doing. I was sure it was icing up outside. But it wasn't. The temperature had actually risen since 6 PM. One light was on in the big room and its glow could be seen outside at the far side of the drive at the edge of the woods. I didn't bother to rap on the window as I usually do because I was not worried about the cats. Buddy raced right in, rather quickly actually. But out near the woods I saw several animals and without my glasses I could not tell what they were. They had four legs and were either deer or moose. They had to be deer because even without my glasses I could tell they were not big enough for moose. Also there were too many individuals for moose. I have never seen more than three moose together at once and those three were a family.

I quietly shut the door and ran back for my glasses. I saw then that there were four deer! At least one was taller than me (5 feet 4 inches). And two were rather young. Their white tails were flicking in the air and they were relaxed as they watched me. I saw that Charlie Cat was on the roof of my car in the garage. He was intently watching them. I wonder what he thought. He was cautious but not alarmed. There was a very light rain, almost a mist, falling.

Finally I very slowly left the house and the deer noisily (but not running) walked into the woods and disappeared, one last white flick showing in the trees. As soon as they were out of sight, Charlie raced down the car and into the house!

I have known for years that many deer live on the mountain behind me. One afternoon when I drove home, six deer were in the middle of the road playing and kissing! A doe gave birth to her fawn in the tall grass of the meadow across the road. Even when standing, the fawn was invisible in the tall grass and only the top of the head of the doe could be seen. When the fawn was old enough to walk, she moved it across the road behind me.

The wild apple trees bring them here, I am sure. They attrack my porcupine! And the coyotes come for food too.

When you are quiet and observant you see things you never thought you would ever see.

This is why I love my house and why I love Vermont.

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  1. I am digging through your posts, it seems to me as if you live in a paradise ! I once have seen some moose when we went with my american aunt to North Dakota I guess. They are quite impressive ! I have been from 1986 until 1994 every two years in the States for a month, combining touristic travels with a two weeks stay with my aunt and uncle. The only place where I have been in Canada was (of course) the Niagara falls on 4th of July ! The Canadian side is much more beautiful than the American side !


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