Wednesday, February 14, 2007


You can see why, on this pressure gradient map from 5PM, why we are having a blizzard.

This storm isn't dramatic for those of you (as in New York State and Colorado) used to this, but it's dramatic for me. I had finally started moving and was in the kitchen getting some window cleaner from under the sink. The kitchen is in the back of this 102 year old house. The new downstairs bathroom is an addition to the right side of the back of the house. I can see the wall of the addition from the kitchen window. Two or three of the cats were in the bathroom helping me clean and waiting for me to return when suddenly the whole house began to gently rumble. I felt the vibrations before I heard them. The sound grew louder and louder. The cats flew out of the bathroom and into the basement. Then there was a huge WHOOOOSH as mountains of snow came down the roof in the back. The whole house shuddered.

The kerosene tank (a 275 gallon tank standing outside) is now invisible. You cannot even tell there is a tank there. The snow has totally blocked the back bathroom door so I have no exit from the back in case of fire. But the snow in the back dooryard, after blowing off the mountain, is at least four feet deep anyhow. If I could open the door, I would not be able to get through the snow.

So this blizzard is getting exciting now. I guess. The split rail fence in the front is invisible. The piles of plowed snow from the old storms is now at least 8 feet tall and I have not even been plowed for this storm yet. I will try to get photos tomorrow. I saw one plow go by today and the driver, I could tell by watching, was blinded by the whiteouts and was bent over the steering wheel going extremely slow. He never plowed over my mailbox! That is a victory!


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