Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The Backhoes Are Out Again

Driving up to the college this afternoon, just like last week, I noticed that the backhoes had been out clearing the snow from the roads again. Pushing it back into the fields. The shoulders had already been plowed clear after the snowstorm last week. But now there is five or ten feet more cleared out. There is lots of room now for more snow.

The question: Why? I've been hearing rumors all week of a storm on Thursday. But the weather service says that only a clipper is coming through. Just 2-4 inches. That doesn't justify all this work. This bulldozing of snow was done in every town I traveled through today.

On my road a bulldozer is cutting out all the snowbanks from the village on up (and doing it at 9PM). I hope they come up here because my mailbox is still buried. Jon's plow can't possibly clear it out. I'm not getting any mail again and will have to race home tomorrow after school to pick it up at the post office.

The mountains of snow in the playground at school are humongous. It makes recess great fun for the kids. But they are trying to dig tunnels and caves in the piles and we can't allow that.

The kids are jumping off of shed roofs, house roofs, store roofs, trees. All for the great fun of landing in the feet deep piles of snow that cushion their falls. I have even heard of kids snowboarding off of their house roofs!

One pair of boys (from my homeroom, of course!) even took their sled off a cliff. It was super duper cool, they reported. The front of the sled rose up in front of them as they floated to the ground.

People are still shoveling off their roofs. I wish they would hire these kids to do it so that the kids could get their thrills safely. Sledding off of a mountain cliff seems a bit risky to me.


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