Monday, February 19, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Kitten Fight

I had been in Vermont helping my father the weekend after 9/11/01 when my sister brought a feral kitten to him. He did not want the cream tortie baby but I fell in love with her. I brought her home and named her Possum. Coincidentally Danielle had adopted Lester, a large ginger tabby kitten, on the same Saturday.

The following photographs chronicle their first meeting:

Poor Lester!

I made my first comic of this kitten fight. If interested, you can view it at meeyauw's Comics. Unfortunately, I misnamed Lester and called him Jasper. A new window will open when you click the link.

Thank you for coming by. Please remember I work late Tuesday nights so I won't be by to see your stories until later.



  1. The first meeting ! too cute ! I can't find other words ! I looked at your comics that's a very interesting way of making nice and funny stories and you can make them say what you want, lol ! I should do that with Arthur, even when he sleeps he looks funny and makes me always laugh !

  2. Adorable! I like your comics too - very cute.

  3. They were both such adorable kittens! Even when they are fighting they look so cute! :)

    Your comic is funny and cute. :)

  4. Kittens are so funny when they fight. One will always fall over and one will always stand up and act fierce. Then just as suddenly as it starts, it stops and they are both flopped over asleep. Did they ever get used to each other?

  5. Oh! How precious! I just LOVE kittens! Everything is just so exciting to them. Looks like they settled their differences and got aquainted well. D :)

  6. What a coincedence, two lovely kitten at the same day. Understand very well you got inspired. Wonderful entry.


  7. Aawwww, how cute. Little kittens are just gorgeous. Your comic is wonderful, well done.
    Take care, Meow

  8. Kitten fight--my favorite! rotfl

    great comic, too...


  9. I LOVE the photos. They are just too cute for words!

  10. very cute pics, I love watching kittens play fight.... you captured them great here :D


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