Monday, February 12, 2007

Cats Tuesday: My Mouse

Today is a photographic essay.
Since I work on Tuesday nights, I won't be able to visit your posts until late tonight.
Have a wonderful day!

Mouse, orphaned at 3 weeks.

The Amazing Leaping Mouse

Mouse is very tempermental but is happy here.

Mouse is now full grown.

Mouse had to be shaved this winter.
Here, she is glowering at me after biting me while
I was singing the Messiah with my headphones on.
I was in shock!

Mouse and Buddy


  1. So lovely pictures ! Our poor Kim had to be shaved last year too ! Long hair cats are beautiful, but it's quite difficult to entertain their fur even if you brush her every day. But she really looks funny on that picture, poor girl.
    You can always put your name in my Mr. Linky on my blog on mondays. I publish the post with Mr. Linky on Monday evenings which is still afternoon your time. Nobody came to your blog yet because they didn't know that you played and I just dropped by to leave a note and saw your beauties. There are some real cute stories today and I appreaciate these thursdays so much because everybody has so nice stories to tell or pictures to show !

  2. That was a beautiful kitten that grew into a beautiful adult. Nice cat!

  3. Such beautiful green eyes.
    I had a little tiny Siamese who didn't like to hear anyone sing. She would jump up on your lap and bite your nose until you stopped. Funny though, she didn't have a problem with the radio or record player.

  4. Super photo entry. Really great and funny to see from kitten to grown. Beautiful cat.


  5. What beauties! Mouse is magnificent! Buddy is adorable! D :)

  6. Mouse is a beautiful cat! Buddy is cute too. :) Since I'm hairless, I think Mouse looks lovely shaved - bald is beautiful after all. :)

    Thank you for sharing all these beautiful photos of Mouse. :)

  7. What beautiful photos of a beautiful cat. What a stunner !
    Take care, don't work too hard ...Meow


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