Monday, February 05, 2007


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What a good day: so many blessings after an awful weekend!

At the Parish Council meeting tonight, Evelyn told us she has decided to stay on as pastor! Finally I will have a new friend and I am so excited about it. I can rebuild after the loss of M as pastor two years ago. It was a huge loss to me when he left.

Today I decided that I will get a dog: a Cavalier. Amy has told me how they are the breed I need. They prefer sleep to motion, are small, companionable, and wonderful to cats. I will be looking now so that I can have my puppy as soon as school gets out. When I return to school in the fall, Amy can help at the kennel with daycare and extended care if I need it.

The future is becoming bright with new relationships to develop and new loves to look forward to. The cats should not mind a dog at all. They have had dogs before and have trained them well. Just think: somebody to walk in the woods with and somebody to watch over things here. There will be obedience classes and all sorts of things to do with my dog. My Dog! I have thought of this possibility for five years and now I will have My Dog!

Should I get a boy dog or girl? What about the name? What dog furniture and toys and food will I need? The photo above is of a Cavalier enjoying the outdoors. What a wonderful photo! So many wonderful adventures to look forward to!


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