Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Charlie again!

Scout keeps a close eye on Charlie's wild-eyed antics.

I have written before how difficult it is to live with Charlie. These photos illustrate more of his behaviors, which by themselves are benign enough. But dogs and other cats always are extra vigilante when Charlie is around.

Charlie has one habit that drives me mad. If he is out, he has a complicated procedure for coming back into the house. He won't come inside if I am outside. He has to wait until I enter the house. Then I have to close the door and knock on the window of the door. Then he will come to the door and sit. I have to knock again. And then he will pick himself up and walk in. But only if I stay behind the door. If I move in the wrong direction, he retreats back out and we have to follow the procedure all over again.

Charlie watches Law & Order

One summer night I came home from my algebra class at my normal time of 9PM. I drove into the garage, got out of the car, and started towards the house. On my way to the door, in the dark, I saw a white bushy tail. I bent over and grabbed for it, trying to circumvent Charlie's coming-in-dance so that I could relax as soon as possible.

I just missed that tail by no more than an inch! I growled, "Charlie! Get into the house! It's late and I'm tired of this game!" Of course, he ignored me and went the opposite way. I continued into the house. "That cat!" I told Amy and Wingnut (my grandson). "He can stay out all night as far as I'm concerned! I am so tired of this!" Amy looked up from the computer, Wingnut from the TV.

Amy said, "Mommy, I made sure all the cats were in early tonight. Charlie is asleep upstairs."

I stopped dead. If he was asleep, who was in the garage? Wingnut and I ran back through the house, turned on the outside light, and stared out the window. There was the biggest, fattest skunk I had ever seen in my life!
Wingnut roared with laughter, and I was horrified at what I had nearly caught in the garage.

You notice here that Charlie doesn't even have white on his tail! And it certainly isn't bushy!

Last summer, Charlie, Buddy and Zorro made friends with the skunks and they all sleep and play in and under the barn together. While the skunks dig grubs out of the ground at night, the cats hunt. They are nearly side by side! You hear stories about cat and skunk friendships frequently here but I never thought my ornery, territorial boys would be their friends.

Occasionally, Charlie sleeps.

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  1. Oh my, oh my, I am still laughing ! First this ceremony to get Charlie in (he behaves like the pope) and then the skunk ! I think you should attend tail studies ! I have never seen a real skunk, I could only grip for a dog or cat tail here, cow tails I would recognize, lol !
    I see that Charlie also has such nice poses when he sleeps ! Arthur for that is really an artist !

  2. Oh my goodness.. this came very close to being quite the stinker of a story.

    Charlie sounds like quite the character. I love the photo of him draped over the top of the chair. :-)

  3. Charlie sounds like a character! He sounds a bit of an obsessive compulsive... Glad you didn't get sprayed by that skunk! Sounds like you got some friendly skunks though! Happy Tuesday :)

  4. Charlie makes me laugh. Feet first into the cat kibble... and that TV watching position... of course with what is on these days, it doesn't matter if he's upside down or not.

    Skunks are another matter. I would be afraid of one of them carrying rabies.. not to mention the smell. Glad you didn't catch that tail!

  5. Charlie, you sound like quite the character! You are very brave for going outside. I'm an indoor-only cat and only go outside on my harness and leash.

    I'm impressed that you are friends with skunks and happy that your mom didn't get sprayed.

  6. Oh, my God! Imagine if you had caught a hold of that tail! I didn't know cats and skunks could be friends. We don't have skunks in Australia (and I'm rather pleased about that!)

    Great story.

    Take care.

  7. Good story !!! I´ve never seen a skunk. Don´t know if we have skunks in Germany (I think not.)Didn´t he smell badly?
    The best photo is on the TV. Luna alway sitz on the TV and sleep on the cats-TV (aquarium).

  8. Charlie is quite the man! He has a demanding entry dance, for sure!

    My goodness! Cats & skunks???!! That's a new one on me! Mine are rather afraid of the outdoors. Too many monsters, like lawnmowers, golf carts, garbage trucks.

    Punkin ventured out once and got lost in the neighbors bushes. She was SO frightened, hasn't attempted an escape since. Tucker goes out into the car area and lays down, but runs back in when traffic goes by. Bless is not interested in the least. D :)

  9. You need to write the cat book "Charlie and Me." What funny stories....that cat is a hoot! I know they can be a handful but you guys are making so many memories. The not coming in routine just cracked me up!

  10. Oh I am lovin Charlie. He sounds like a real character. Love Love Love the pictures, I don't know which one is cuter. Thanks for stopping by our blog. IT was wonderful to meet you.

    & Gracie

  11. Such a funny story! You may have had a near-escape with the skunk in the garage. ;-) I like your pictures -- my Socks watches TV like that once in a while, too. And I remember when my previous cats Snickers and Chester followed a skunk under my house many years ago. Maybe they were friends, too.

  12. OMG very cute pics. The first in yummy!!

    ¸. ಌ´ ¸.ಌ*´¨)
    (¸.ಌ´*(¸.ಌ´ Lunita)*/

  13. charlie watches law & order...heeheehee!

    waht a character...

  14. This is a great Charlie story--I laughed so hard!

  15. Wow, Charlie indeed has his own character huh. :P Thanks for sharing the pics, enjoyed reading the post.

  16. Holy Cow! That Charlie is a character and a half! I loved this story. Thank goodness you missed that skunk!

  17. Charlie you can come watch L&O with me anytime!

  18. I enjoyed reading about Charlie's escapades. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Too funny, a cat with OCD, skunks in the garage--you got off lightly--and skunk cat friendships. Who would of skunk it! Sorry bad pun.
    Nice chatting.

  20. I can't believe it was a skunk!! So funny! Oh, that look on Charlie's face in the first picture!!


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