Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Furnace and Local News

Sunday morning and night the furnace shut off again, as it has been doing more frequently. I just kept hitting reset. But Monday morning it would not reset. After a dozen tries it finally started. But the little black motor went PFFT in a puff of smoke! I tried it again. It started but would not stay on. I went to work anyhow and worried all day about my house burning down and cats being hurt. I got a headache and stomach ache from the stress. The principal let me leave when the kids left and I called the oil company. We made arrangements for them to come this morning while I was at work. Last night the downstairs stayed constant at 52° and the upstairs at 60°, so I didn't suffer.

And now it is fixed! They wrote a note to me that said it was a "flame sensor" set way too high. But I have a sinus infection now. That's OK as long as I have heat! Tonight or tomorrow night the nighttime temps are supposed to drop to 0°-10°. Now I can go away for a winter weekend (if the weather is good)! I wonder what this repair will cost.

There have been two fires locally. One was a house fire. I know nothing about it except that it was further up on my road. I heard about it at the sugar house in Charleston. The other was a barn in Irasburg and many cows died. More cows that were injured had to be shot. It is heartbreaking. I heard about this fire at the diner in Coventry.

Tomorrow night: a date! It will be so nice to get out of town. Amy and I are going to do our taxes this weekend.



  1. HI
    I seen you on meows blog and thought I'd drop by and say hello , hope you do not mind and I think you have a very interesting site, Hope your furnace stays on and safe and your sinus feel better soon ,
    Have a great eve .
    Later KittyKAt

  2. Taxes...yuk, I think of better ways to spend the weekend.

    Glad your heating has been fixed.

    Take care.


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