Friday, March 23, 2007

Garrison Keillor

I have read and re-read, and am confused by, Garrison Keillor's article. It begins by stating something obvious, then, changing voice, goes into this thing about gay marriage (and come on, Keillor! We all have gay friends; we all have gay family members. So quit saying that already!) and, changing voice again, ends up with him reading in a culturally diverse classroom. Keillor should have, perhaps, written two articles. I have read Keillor's writing before and I have not been as confused about what his point was. My conclusion therefore must be that these are his actual thoughts and feelings about gay people.

I don't understand his apology either. When I write on my blog and in comments on other blogs, I will usually walk away from my writing and re-read it later so that I am sure it says what I want and not some stupid inadvertent thing. It only makes sense to do so! I don't want to offend anybody that I don't want to offend. Keillor is a professional writer so he has some procedure in place to do the same thing. This process, of course, helps me identify thoughts I may not have thought that I held. Keillor honestly needs to re-examine his prejudices.

I have admired Keillor for years and I never thought him capable of saying things like this. It is as if his true colors are coming out. I am wondering now if I will be able to listen to my favorite Saturday night entertainment again. Has he ruined his radio show and music for me now? Probably.


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  1. Like you I have admired and followed Garrison Keillor for years. I always liked to think of him as a father figure, wise beyond his years, full of the pith that makes America great. But I think he's lost his edge, so to speak and his comeback to that has been in the form of disparaging remarks about gays, the war and life in general. It's kinda sad to see that he's got alot of bigotry hidden beneath the surface. You are not the first person to notice this.

    Here's a link by one of my favorite bloggers, Warrant Officer Michael Fay, a combat artist for the US Marine Corps. He's a fantastic artist as well as blogger and he wrote a post last year about Keillor which aligns with your sentiments completely. By way of explanation, Mr. Fay used to be a Unitarian.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning. It's always so great to see you there.

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