Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Fed Up!

I took all these photos by sticking my arm out the back door after I broke the storm door by shoving it into five feet of snow piled up in back (no, I am NOT exaggerating and I wish I were!). So the photos are the same shots but I played with the little things on iPhoto to show off different things (like what? more WHITE? more FLAKES?). I'm worried about my barn roof but I can't get out there to do anything about it.

The one garage window you see is only half covered. A window of the house to the left of that window is totally blocked by snow now from sill to top. The room is black without any light.



  1. And I thought we had a lot of snow!

  2. WOW that's a lot of snow!! Looks pretty, but I hear ya :)

  3. I can't imagine what it would be like to live with that much snow! Those icicles are something else - they look quite pretty...

  4. I was just thinking to myself that my daughter was delighted to shovel our friends' driveway when we went up to the mountains to see snow for the first time in her seven years.

    "There are kids in Southern California who'd LOVE to shovel this driveway! Now you get out there!"


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