Sunday, March 11, 2007

Kham's Thai Cuisine

Amy took me to my first Thai restaurant yesterday in St. Jay. It was OK. The best part was being with Amy. I can survive without Thai food. It seemed to be fancy Chinese food to me. With pineapple, salt and peanuts. I just don't understand the fascination with it. The Ethiopian food when we were in Washington I can also live without. Now Indian food I am willing to explore. I had some last summer that was terrific.

Next weekend the Freight House Restaurant in Lyndonville (already the site of one date I thought was wonderful but wasn't!) is having a St. Patrick's Day dinner from 11am-8pm. I wonder if I can find a date to go. Dating is not all that fun. I don't like being lied to. That seems to be the big problem: lying and misrepresentation. Since I began my quest last year for a lifelong love, I have been lied to and promised things by EVERY man. What's up with the truth anymore? Truth doesn't scare me. Lies scare the shit out of me.

Otherwise the weekend is lousy. It is in the thirties today but it is cloudy and damp so I cannot open up the porches to the sun. The snow is still too deep to go out in it. It may as well be below zero again.

I got a sauce recipe out of Andrew. I hope it is good because I am desperate for real spaghetti. Not Vermont style! I can order the tomatoes online (click the link to the recipe on Andrew's name. At the recipe, click the Marzano graphic at the top of the post for the importer). And tomorrow I can go back to work and be useful again.


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