Friday, March 23, 2007

A Sick Day and Finally Some Good News!

I started to feel sick yesterday morning. But it was a snow day so I could be sick. I had felt awful all week with the biopsy (which is still bothering me), so most likely the tremendous stress caused me to get this cold.

I called in to work last night when I got home from Montpelier. Today was a drag. I may have an ear infection, my eyes are running, but the cough is almost gone. I still have swollen glands. Amy is going to Connecticut this weekend. No other kids have contacted me. Andrew is mad at me for not telling him about the biopsy until it was all over. And I have forgotten that I was supposed to chaperone the school dance tonight! On top of all of this, I have forgotten Xavier's birthday, which is today.

Harold and Maude is on TV right now. I have not watched it in years (even though I own it). I love the Cat Stevens music (even though I couldn't stand Cat Stevens music back when he was popular). I am trying to download some tunes of his but Acquisition has become rife with porn. Ruth Gordon doesn't look half as old as I thought she was years ago! And apparently I have fogotten the story too.

The good news? Here is a cut & paste from Twitter: House Backs Troop Withdrawal in Challenge to Bush (Update4). Don't tell me the Democrats are finally going to take a stand. I have to go off now and see what that's all about. I hope it isn't a tease! And I have to cry over this movie and go to for X's gift. Maude died! This is just too sad!


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