Sunday, March 25, 2007

Twitter and YouTube (or is it Comcast's Fault?)

I am computing on the porch again! It snowed last night but the sun is so warm out here that I am in heaven!

I simply have to go to an older sugarhouse for photos today. The best one is in Thetford, over an hour south of me. (Or is it? There may be one in Caledonia county, I've got to check). But I finished my ice jam movie and am uploading it. YouTube says "it may take a few minutes." HA How about 30 so far? That is way too long!

The ice jam movie: I finally stitched together a few Quicktime clips in Quicktime Pro because no transitions will work on the clips from my camera as I imported them as .mov files. I have tried file conversion, fiddling with settings, everything under the sun. And I will not get a camcorder! My camera is great even if it is cheap and simple. That's all I can handle now. So the video is not that good. And now I want to change the music (because I am listening to Hough playing piano, so I want that!).

Twitter is great, I love it except that the IM service is down and the servers are way too slow. If I could get the kids, with all their cell phones and computers, to use it, I'd be in heaven and know what's going on.

But all of this slowness could be Comcast. Ever since Adelphia left and Comcast came in, service has not been that great. Speeds vary greatly day to day and hour to hour.

It is so great to be listening to music again! Stephen Hough is playing piano now.

And I can't forget to do my housework and write up the Car Talk math problem and Lynn's number riddle and do litter boxes, and and and


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