Monday, April 02, 2007

Cats Tuesday: Frankie and Daisy

Frankie was my favorite cat ever. He was so mean that my daughter Amy (my resident vet technician) refused to pill him if needed or give him his shots. The vet even refused to care for him unless he was drugged! He lived in my bedroom except for food, water and litter box. When he left my room all the other animals hid. He attacked any dog or male cat that was within sight. He left the female cats alone and tolerated them in bed at night. But Frankie loved me. I could pill him, pet him, cuddle with him and even play with him. He slept in my arms under the covers every single night for fifteen years. Yes, he bit me a few times, but he had been an orphan. So he was going to be confused at times.

One night, Amy and her dog, Daisy, were asleep in my bed with me and Frankie. Frankie woke up and saw the dog (a 90 pound (40.8 kg) dog no less!) lying across his bed. His eyes narrowed. I was in a mood so I gently shoved Frankie towards the dog. Frankie got the message! He slowly slithered toward the dog. Poor innocent Daisy. She had actually nursed some of our orphaned kittens and here I was setting her up for a sneak attack!

When Frankie got close enough to Daisy, he flew in the air and landed on Daisy hissing and growling. Poor Daisy fell off of the bed in terror. All of the racket woke up Amy and in her fright, she fell off the bed too! Amy and Daisy sputtered nasty curses at me and Frankie. Frankie, his tail high, walked back to me and curled up in my arms and fell right back asleep.

Sweet Daisy sitting on the same bed.

I still chuckle when I think of the prank that I played on Daisy and Amy. Amy still gets mad. Both Frankie and Daisy are gone now. But they will never be forgotten. They were the best.



  1. LOL! What a prank to have played on Daisy and Amy! Both Daisy and Frankie were beautiful animals. My Stevie is like Frankie in some ways -- she is all my cat and she will have nothing to do with the other two kitties. I have seen Silver intentionally bait her into a hissing fight. They have such funny and interesting personalities! They truly leave their marks on our hearts!

  2. Hahaha ! What a funnhy story I immagine the scene ! He truly was your body guard ! Pookie is not so wicked but still she hisses to everybody who wants to sleep besides me ! At my feet it's OK but not up further ! Sometimes I wake up because she growls in my ear and that's because Lisa stands on the bedside table and wants to eat. Mostly at 3 am !

  3. Ragdoll cats are supposed to be laid back... but my parents have Maggie and she is a terrorr to cut the nails. Dad has to put on two shirts and a jacket, two pair of pants, and use oven mitts that go to the elbow to hold her. She has to be muzzled, wrapped in two towels with her eyes covered. Then someone else has to do the actual nail clipping. My Ragdolls came from the same cattery and they just sit in my lap and let me clip away. No problems.

  4. Poor Daisy! Frankie was really a one-person cat! I'm glad that he let you cuddle him and pet him. Cuddles are the best!

  5. Great story, poor Daisy !!
    Have a great week.
    Take care, Meow

  6. That was a great tribute. Frankie sounds like the kind of cat that would steal my heart too. You gotta love those with that extra spunk. My best friend had a meanie but she adored that cat. HE'd tear your socks off when you walked in. She accidently backed over him and it still bothers her years later.
    I love the pictures. Daisy and Frankie are both handsome animals!

  7. Great story ! Animals are alway so funny !Your photos are wonderful. They looks so adorable !
    Have a nice day :)

  8. What a prank!! Animals are amazing! Have a great Tuesday!

  9. Great story! I am sorry that they are both gone now.

  10. I love his little face. He looks so...stern. And that's a great story.

  11. Wow...what a great story! Happy COT!

  12. ...maybe he has a thing for people listing "meow" as a name. Or a version of.

    (Apparently I am not the only "meow" out there!)


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