Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday Confusion

4/6/07: A burned-out cabin on the River Road, North Troy.
The Missisquoi River is behind.

I was on my break when VPR was playing Bach's St. Matthew's Passion. I confused the portion I heard with the Easter section of the Messiah and became disoriented. It was snowing, cold and windy. The roads were covered with packed snow and it was blowing through the air as if it were mid-winter. Messiah is traditionally, now, Christmas music, and I hear it every Christmas. What was the date? Very quickly I realized that the music was clearly Bach and not Handel. I also realized how important context is to me and how strongly I weave seemingly unrelated things into my perceptions and expectations of the world.


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  1. Snow does help make the burned out cabin beautiful. I think many of us weave context into our thoughts more than we realize.


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