Sunday, April 01, 2007

Otters Holding Hands

These are sea otters at the Vancouver Aquarium. I have river otters in the beaver ponds. Their personalities are similar, though. This is such a great video!


  1. Couldn't find the comment thing for the Barton Library post- Barton sounds like a really nice place to live- very family and community oriented. Thanks for stopping by my "water" post for the photo hunt.

  2. That is absolutely adorable. Thank you so much for sharing. Did you see close to the end of the clip - did the otter kiss the paw of the other otter?

    Have a wonderful week...

  3. That's so adorable! I love it when the dark otter reaches out and holds the light otter's hand again on the right side.

  4. Aren't they gorgeous little critters? It reminds me of the Muskrat song by the Captain and Tenielle years ago.

  5. We went to a wildlife exibit and they had sea otters there. They were fun to watch while they played in the water.


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