Friday, April 13, 2007

Overheard Today

The Missisquoi River this morning.

The people who tell the state people what the real weather is going to be called the road supervisors yesterday or today. They said to be very prepared for the nor'easter that is coming Sunday night through Monday. It will be hurricane force winds and three to four feet snow. It is going to be affecting all of New England very badly. We will be on the cold side of the storm, not the warm side as predicted so far.

This has credence because we all know that road supervisors get more information than we get. That is why the graders clear the sides of the roads the day before a heavier than predicted snowfall. Also, the TV and radio weather people have hinting that the storm could be colder than they think it will be.

I heard this from T who heard it from L who heard it from B who heard it from the road supervisor.


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