Thursday, April 12, 2007

Red Sox Twitters

The game was called. Spring has retreated. We were allowed to go home an hour early. The drive was the worst of the season because of the wet snow. I slipped several times even though I have studded winter tires on.

But it was a good day. I stopped by the road to take another photo of Jay Peak this morning. A van of parents and students stopped to make sure I was OK. Then another teacher stopped for the same reason. M. told me that she saw me pulled over on Monday and turned around to see if I was OK. I was. I was on Rt. 5 taking a photo of Barton Mountain from the Coventry side. I will have to attach a sign "TAKING PHOTOS" to the car so nobody worries.

The rehearsal for the spring concert was wonderful. I had to sight read because I had failed to practice. But I did fine! I was the best player there! So from now on I will only play with young students who have only one to two years experience on their instruments. It makes me feel great! The concert is May 9.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before vacation. I have activities planned: at least two dates, and a date with my sister in Montpelier for our traditional bookstore tour and lunch at the New England Culinary Institute grill. It may even stop snowing (although as of now, every day on the NOAA forecast has snowflakes in it through Monday).



  1. Well, where's the photo? I want to see why people were worried...were you standing in a funny pose or where you lying down to get that great shot! Heheh!

    Have a great vacation and don't stop blogging.

  2. Hi there, Robyn! I haven't posted the Barton Mountain photo here or on flickr yet. Just too many photos! I have a ton to blog.

    And the Jay Peak photos? Well, one is here but on Saturday there will be 11 of 'em! ;-)

    Give Oscar a kiss!


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