Sunday, April 29, 2007

Saturday and the Green Mountain Shuffle

What a wonderful weekend! After school Friday I made brownies for the movies at the library. D had told me it would be Harold and Maude and it was. Fifteen people attended. I didn't cut the brownies until after the movie because I had made them so badly this time. At home later, I bought Tea for the Tillerman from the iTunes store: I just can't get enough of that music.

On the way home, there was a female moose diagonally across the road from the house! I braked but she was just standing there watching the world.

Saturday was cold, drizzly and damp. I wanted to get the cats' annual flea treatment but bought the wrong one and I drove me back and forth from Amy and the vet getting the right one. I meandered over to the North Troy crossing to the Owl's Head Bakery for lunch in Mansonville, Que. Customs were no problem this time. In fact, the Canadian customs officer gave me directions to the bakery. On the American side when I returned, I saw the Guantanamo-type holding cages that the Americans have built at the new customs building. Four large chain link cages with barbed wire at the top. They are obviously built to hold people. It is a scar on our nation.

I had promised A's mom that I would be at the premiere of her son's film Green Mountain Shuffle at the Barton Memorial Building, so I drove back home just in time for that:

Award-winning author Michael T. Hahn's first movie is an offbeat love story set in the gorgeous mountains of Vermont. Starring Heather Fitch, Adam Desautels and Derek Campbell, and featuring music by Michael Hahn Band, Green Mountain Shuffle is an unforgettable tale of passion deceit and redemption.
A's mother, father and grandfather sat in front of us. M and her husband D sat behind me. Roger was the host and Michael Hahn introduced the film. A's mom had assured me there would be no risque scenes in the movie but there were! I don't know how she (or A's grandmother!) sat through that but they were very composed. I had a wonderful time with welcoming friends and great conversations.

Then on to the Glover store for food for supper and to Evansville for gas and a movie (A Prairie Home Companion). The day was unplanned and so pleasant! Unfortunately I didn't take my camera but I am sure I will return to the bakery and restaurants in the Eastern Townships. Jim has given me permission to photograph the Glover store. I must do that as soon as possible.

The three common mergansers that appeared Thursday are still here: 2 males and 1 female.



  1. That must be some bakery? :) Sounds like a great weekend, aside for the drizzly saturday. Our saturday was drizzly too, but it cleared up on sunday. I suddenly have a hankering for some brownies or some french pasteries or something :9

  2. You've had a lovely weekend although busy one by the sounds of it.

    Tell me, what on earth are mergansers???

  3. Hi Robyn and Angelo: it's so sweet for you both to comment. This was a great weekend with a wonderful gentleman!

    I kept hearing about that bakery from other teachers. Our school is on the other side of the Canadian border from it; I finally went!

    And mergansers are types of ducks, large with red beaks, black/white. But the female is smaller, brown, with a hood or tufted head. She dives and sticks her fanny up out of the water when she eats. The males are constantly protecting her from any danger. there have been an unusual amount of them this spring.

    I hope you both have a wonderful week. I hope it goes by really quick so that I can have another great weekend!

  4. Here are more photos of mergansers I saw in Troy:

  5. What a full weekend you had!! Thanks for stopping by and wishing my hubby and myself another 43 years of marriage. I only wish it could be that way!! You live in such a beautiful part of the world. Someday I am coming to visit!! Sandy


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