Friday, May 04, 2007

Barton Reservoir

May Pond begins in the hills to the south of me. It is the genesis of May Pond Brook which is across the road. The beavers have dammed May Pond Brook so that I see all sorts of wildlife. The brook flows down Rt. 16 to Crystal Lake. But after me and before Crystal Lake, the water is treated and piped to residents of Barton Village. With no foliage on the trees, I spied a remote waterfall off of the road last weekend. Yesterday I finally walked in the road and found the Barton Reservoir! The beauty there is wild. The reservoir is made with huge granite blocks. The water falls out a waterfall into a hundred foot gorge full of moss and ferns. There are two old buildings and a bit of old equipment. There is a new water treatment facility after the gorge. I need to research more of the history of this specific area. I made another movie with the photos. I used iPhoto slide show feature, added music from Paul Fuller, and exported the movie to Quicktime. The slideshow is very impressive when viewed full screen and I will prepare it for photocasting later this weekend. I can't wait until Wingnut comes for the summer and he and I explore it more. We'll use proper shoes, though: I went in little black pumps which are now coated with mud and burrs. I also hurt my foot badly and now have to wear sneakers to work!

You can view the photos in my flickr photoset Barton Reservoir.



  1. What a beautiful area you live in. Thank you for showing it.

    Hope you get your shoes clean!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful!


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