Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Black Flies and Desktop Photos

Adamant had their Black Fly Festival last weekend but I did not go. I should. I mention it because with today's warm weather, the black flies came out today (again: they had come out in the last heat wave earlier in the month but disappeared with the rain and cold). Go to Adamant's Festival site that I have linked in the first sentence. There you will find everything you want to know about the critters. This picture of a black fly is way larger than real life (they are about the size of no-see-ums or a bit larger). The pic is from the Adamant site.

Popular wisdom has it that they are thick from Mother's Day (or Father's Day) to the Fourth of July. I have found this to be generally true. The deerflies come after the black flies. Deer flies are easier for me to deal with. They are bigger and slower, thus easier to evade. Funny thing: cats don't seem to be harassed by black flies. Lucky them.
I am beginning to collect some desktop photos that I have made of flowers I have photographed. Please use them freely if you wish. The sizes are marked in the titles. I know I have a lot to learn about this, so please advise me if needed. I am only using photos that are still clearly focused and crisp when enlarged. They can be seen at my Desktop Photos Set on Flickr.

Here are two examples:

Snow Drops



  1. Flies ! a paradise for Pookie, she loves them because she is a very good fly catcher it's really amazing !
    I need your help, yesterday I adopted a little girl kitten and now have to find a name, lol ! Do you have any good suggestions ? I am so excited to get it just after my vacations mid-june !

  2. Flies! Yuk! Thank goodness with the cooler weather, ours have gone. We get no-see-ums or midgies all year round and they leave awful welts on me and itch for days!

    I love snowdrops...such pretty little flowers. Too hot here for them.


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