Monday, May 14, 2007

Busy Sick Day

The new garage doors went up this morning: one man alone took down the old ones (the pile on the left side above) and put in the new ones. I wish the windows were bigger like the old doors. I can barely see, with these windows, if the cats run in from the barn.

This is what it looks like inside. Of course, I now have to keep the far right (right from the inside) door up about 6 inches so the cats can come and go as they please. The door man said everybody does that and it does not harm the mechanism.

Of course, my old remotes for the old doors are now broken with age, so I had to order 3 more at $45 each. Also, Amy took the chain off the middle door when trying to fix it a year or two ago. It is $75 more to fix that. So at this moment I can only raise and lower one door with one remote. That should be fixed by this weekend.

See the flume in the photo above? It is very dry right now. I guess the upstream beavers have repaired or built up their dams.

In other news, I am home on a sick day. I thought I had pneumonia or something but everybody says it is severe allergies after being outside all weekend in the wind and pollen. I feel awful but better than this morning.

And guess who is my sub? Adam from Green Mountain Shuffle! What an ironic coincidence! I hope he is around tomorrow so I can chat with him.

Remember My Coke Rewards? They have changed, and for the good. It is an all-flash site now and works much better. Flashier than ever, but better. And the prizes are much better. I can also use 60 points a day to enter a contest for a Canon 35mm digital camera (3 points each entry, 20 entries a day allowed). The camera is way more than a Rebel. A bit over my head but I'll take it if I win. I have a Boston Acoustics mini-stereo and some other stuff on my wish list now.

I chatted with Camille most of the morning while I caught up with soaps and did some housework. I don't want to leave this house until all the pollen is gone.


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  1. Great looking garage've done well. I hope the cats like the new ones.

    As for your questions in your comment...a beesting is a fattening yummy confection...two sponges stuck together with cream, custard, honey and almonds. Champers is short for champagne. (Gee, this Aussie-speak!


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