Monday, May 28, 2007

Cats Tuesday: ASCII Cat

This is an ASCII image made from my photograph of Turnip. I was holding him up to the iSight camera on my MacBook and he wasn't happy about that. (Turnip has the eye that I used for the Blogger Profile photo on this blog). The original photo used for the ASCII art is below:

ASCII drawings are an old art on the computer. I remember making one in the 1960s on a mainframe at the University of Connecticut (all computers then were huge mainframes). ASCII drawings are made simply of text. If you search the Internets for ASCII art you will find a lot of art to look at.

In order to make this I did not have to become an artist. I got an e-mail newsletter from Photojojo about how to convert photos to ASCII (all links open in a new window). I then followed directions and I had my art! However, I did learn that all photos you submit have to be 200 kb or smaller.

The artwork is downloaded to your computer if you request. However, this is ASCII afterall, so it downloads a text file. In order to make this a jpg for Blogger, I printed the web page of my ASCII art to a PDF file. You can do this with one click on a Macintosh and I don't know if it can even be done with a PC. I then cropped the ASCII art inside the PDF file and then saved it as a jpg file. I used ImageWell software to add the frame and background color. Then I uploaded it to Blogger.

ASCII art is often used as an e-mail signature. If I want, I could use this text file of Turnip's photo for that. However, it is too big for a signature. I would have to play with this ASCII converter to get a text file small enough for a sig.

I hope you enjoyed last week's Lolcats that I made. I have found two more websites that you will enjoy:
How To Create LOLCats
I Can Has Cheezeburger?

Have a great week and thank you for visiting! Summer classes begin Tuesday night (summer semester already? Time has disappeared!), but I will visit you all after class.



  1. Turnip is adorable! Even in ASCII :) I've been making my own little lolcats and ascii cats from pics of my 4 kitties(haven't published any ascii cats yet though) for a bit, and I'm finding it addicting....:)

  2. I've not seen an ASCII drawing in ages!

  3. Thanks for the tips ! Each time I see a black and white cat now, I wonder how my (future) little Rosel will look like in a few months. Just after my holidays I will get her ! Then I think I have a lot to write every day, lol !

  4. My brain isn't technical enough (not to mention my aged PC) to take all this ASCII stuff in, but your kitty makes a nice model for it!

  5. Thanks for the AScII pictures; I always like to meet another sensitive artiste like me... Great eye color in that one.

    Lydia !~~^..^

  6. Very clever to put Turnip in ASCII.

    He's a pretty boy.

  7. Hello - scrolled back to have a look at the lolcats you mentioned... and discovered a stunning blog!! I love all the photos etc. Will bring my boyfriend back here later as he has signed up to a bird conservation (or counting really) programme and would find it interesting. Happy Cats on Tues.

  8. Wow, that's interesting. Thanks for the info. Might have to give it a go.
    Take care, Meow

  9. Very cool ASCII art! Amazing. :) Thanks for sharing. :)

  10. Very interesting! It looks like a fun thing to try. Thanks for the instructions!

  11. Turnip is a cutie-pie, but oh-so unhappy in his photo! LOL

    Thanks for the links, will go & check them out now!

    D :)

  12. The ASC11 image is very intersting, looks almost like you could use it as a cross stich pattern. I love Turnips eyes.

  13. Wow...mahalo for sharing this neat technique! Turnip looks adorable! Happy COT!

  14. What a unique idea? Turnip does not look very happy... but I love his eyes and his name!


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