Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cats Tuesday: My 2nd LOLCat

Possum on 9/14/01
Made with Gordon's LolCat Builder


  1. That's probably not yours isn't it ?

    Please put the COT logo on top of your post when you participate, the one you use is for sidebars ! Sorry that I have to point that out sometimes, but we need a little discipline in this group otherwise we will be invaded by spams ! Hope you understand !

  2. Gattina: yes, this IS my creation: my photo that I had taken, my words. When I joined Cats on Tuesday I asked you if using the logo as I do was OK and you had said yes.

    I don't understand why you would question whether this is mine or not and change your mind.

  3. I am so sorry you misunderstoo me ! I ment : if the little cat on the picture is belonging to you ! I mean if it is one of your cats. I didn't mean the graphic ! Languages ! sometimes really make misunderstandings.

    Of course your logo is OK for your sidebar, I was talking about the little cat sitting on the toilet to be put on top of the post, lol !
    Sorry, didn't want to step on your feet.

  4. So cute! :) That's an adorable photo and kitten! The water bowl is as big as that little baby. :)

  5. LOL!! What a cute picture! LOL Look at that face! HA!!!

    Thanks for the smile, I gotta go try that! D :)

  6. Such a cute picture of a darling kitten, and I love the funny caption!

  7. What a face! He's so cute.

  8. Look at his big round eyes, so cute!

  9. Oh My goodness that is so adorable!
    One of my kitties always likes to drink from the giant water bowl we use for the dog and sometimes she will fall in and come out of the kitchen with an upset look on her face and shaking her wet legs.

  10. That is so cute, those big ole eyes are so funny!

    Sounds like you guys have quite a bit of excitement going on up there from your post above!


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