Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Community Supported Agriculture Farms in Vermont

Community Supported Agriculture Farms in Vermont

If you live in Vermont you should check out these farms. For an annual fee you receive all of your produce from a local farm. The benefits: you know where the food comes from, you are participating in reducing carbon usage (from transporting food from other parts of the world), and the quality is much better because it is fresh. I'm going to check them out for this year. I live alone so I can't possibly use a full share of the food, so I need to find somebody to share this with.



  1. My friend "Wishy The Writer," (www.wishythewriter.com) just got into a local coop here (the only local coop). I am still on the waiting list and am SOOO jealous! She is about to get some freshly picked kale.

    She just posted about her coop and the fact that Indian mangoes will now be allowed into the US (not very "carbon" friendly, but apparently delicious!).

    You are lucky to have more than one in your area. They are a marvelous idea. I'd share with you if I lived a little closer! I love Vermont, what a beautiful place to live.

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  3. Oh, I'm sooo jealous. Lovely fresh produce. I'd share with you but by the time it got to Australia, it wouldn't be all that fresh...lol!

  4. What a good idea- I wish we had something like that around here.


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