Monday, May 21, 2007

I've Been Tagged: For Real!

I was doing 47 MPH in the village 30 MPH zone. The trooper was so young and adorable. I told him I had no excuse when he asked me why I would do such a dangerous thing as speed through a school zone in the morning.

He asked for my license, registration and insurance card. I pulled out a registration and he said no, it was no longer valid. I asked if I could throw it out and he said yes. Then I gave him another, then another, and finally remembered the one I had put behind the passenger sun visor. It has the registration tags on it that I was supposed to put on my license plates last summer. I found an insurance card that I had had faxed to me last autumn for the last school field trip so that I could carry students, but that was now expired also. I have never bothered to have another one faxed to me. I pulled my license out of my wallet and then I became concerned. I have used black permanent marker to blacken out parts of the information on my driver's license that I feel are too personal to be on a driver's license.

Despite the speeding, no proof of insurance, no registration tags on my license plates, and my disfigured license, the trooper gave me a only a warning.

How can you give a woman that is the age of your mom a speeding ticket?

My record is still secure: I have never gotten a speeding ticket yet. My young and beautiful daughters can't even make that claim. A ticket today would have been 3 points on my insurance.

But there were three state troopers and two sheriffs in the town of Barton today: 1 each in each village of Orleans and Barton and 1 cruising around the town. I wonder what caused all this? It took me forever to get to my meeting in Newport this morning. When I returned to Barton at 2 PM it was a surreal drive through town as everyone was driving as if there were troopers behind every tree.

And yes, the plates on my car read MEEYAUW.



  1. Maybe it has something to do with the holiday weekend coming up? I have noticed more patrol cars and motorcycles out on the streets on my side of the country too.

  2. Literary: You may have a point there. The only time the state police or sheriff show up in town are during the summer holidays. But on the other hand, it is a week away! I'll be nosing around asking and figure it out!

  3. Mama, why do you have permanant marker on your license?? I can't believe you were speeding and in a school zone! Shame, shame. You have to be careful. Lucky for you the trooper was young. Imagine if he were older...

    love ya


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