Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Newport, VT and Lake Memphremagog

A view of the Newport marina.

We had our portfolio scoring meeting in the Hebard State Office Building in Newport. This is the same building that my CCV classes are held in. We look at these views during mathematics and algebra classes all year long. On some nights it is very difficult to remain in class. The lake spans the border between the United States and Canada. Newport is at the southern end. Magog, Quebec is at the northern end.

The lake front as seen from CCV. The bike path is visible. The mountains are in Canada.

You can see the causeway in the background that connects Newport.
This is the lake side view of the State Office Building.

There is a peaceful, tiny park on the side of the State Office Building. You can sit and watch the lake.

In grateful recognition of the men and women from Orleans County who have given their time, body and spirit to make their community and world a better place to live.


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