Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Overheard and Overeaten

The reason there were so many state troopers and sheriffs in town yesterday was because they caught some nefarious drug dealers in the area of the yarn store (which is exactly where I was pulled over yesterday). I also heard that there were drug-sniffing dogs working around there.

The old Jennie Bean's restaurant is now The Parson's Corner (because it used to be the parsonage) and is opening tomorrow morning at 5 AM. That's good. Now I can eat in town again and not in Coventry. Martha's Diner is wonderful but is too far away. And the Busy Bee in Glover has new owners and is closed for renovations. I just hope this new place in Barton is as good as Jennie's. I wonder who they will hire and I hope it is the women who used to work there. I heard that the owners are most likely from New York because of the amount of money they are spending trying to make the place look "New Englandy." The sign says "Hearty New England Dining" or "Food" or something. I'll go this weekend (they close on Tuesdays of all days) and let you know how they are.

These things were overheard and discussed thoroughly at the Mother-Daughter Banquet in Barton tonight. Amy made a devil's food cake with a white frosting. She bakes from scratch and her cakes always go first. But tonight I snuck out with her cake while it still had three pieces left. Catherine was pretty upset about that, I heard. Amy told Catherine to come to the house and wrestle me for a piece. Entertainment tonight was a lady magician from Littleton. She was very good and I sat close enough to see how a couple of her tricks worked.

Statcounter told me that somebody at my mortgage company was on my recipe blog last week. I got totally paranoid thinking they had searched me out. But then I looked at where they came from: Google: a search for "chocolate lava cake." They looked at the King Arthur recipe I have there!

Phone message: the soup/bread class at King Arthur's on Saturday was cancelled because only two signed up. That's pretty disappointing. But at least now I will get my $80 back and I need it badly!

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  1. That's much more exciting than a buildup of police coverage coverage for the holidays!

    It sounds like you had a nice time at the banquet!


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