Sunday, May 27, 2007

Weekend Notes

While I was hanging out the window, smoking, a fat red-headed hummingbird ran into my arm! It was quite a shock because I thought it was a bee and I thought perhaps it would sting me.

At least one otter was playing and feeding in the way-back pond this evening. I haven't seen any beaver yet this season (but I haven't been watching as carefully as usual, either).

American Cribbage Congress:
29 Hand - The best hand in Cribbage and a 216,580 to 1 shot. Consists of holding three 5s and a Jack, with the Jack being of a different suit than any of the three 5s. The starter card turned must then be the fourth 5 and being the same suit as the held Jack, makes the hand count 29.

I need to play more. I'll teach Wingnut this summer and we'll use this ACC site.



  1. I've been looking back over your post since COT last. I love your photography. You do a really great job.

  2. I haven't played cribbage since I was a kid! My brothers and I used to play it on a winter's night sitting in front of the fire.


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