Monday, June 11, 2007

Cats Tuesdays: lolfeeds

(As if you hadn't noticed) I enjoy my lolcats. Today I'm going to show you the next crazy thing to waste your time with lolcats: lolfeeds by Ian McKellar. The above photo is a feed to my lolcode post on my lolfeed for my blog (yes, you can now write actual code in lolcode and it will compile!).

It took me a bit of pondering to figure this feed thing out, so follow closely if you are interested.

You know how you can subscribe to RSS or Atom feeds for sites? You click the little RSS symbol in your browser or a link on the page. You then can read updates to the blog or news page in your feed reader or browser. The feeds are exactly what the owner wants them to look like: either full feeds or just little teasers so that you go to the site to read the whole thing.

For instance, when I go to, I see the RSS icon in the address bar, click it and then I subscribe to the feed in Google Reader. Whenever I go to Reader, I can see what Apple has done that is new.

But if, instead, I click a bookmarklet called lolfeeds from Mr. McKellar (who apparantly just got married today!), I get this. Every RSS news item is redirected to McKellar's magic site and a new lolcat is created for each headline. You can even click on the headline in the lolcat to go to the original story! Here is today's feed for my blog meeyauw.

Have fun! Go to lolfeeds and drag the link "lolfeeds" to your browser bookmark bar. Go to your own blog page and click the lolfeeds bookmarklet that you just created!



  1. Geez what an educated and intelligent cat you are ! you know quite something about blogging ! But I more admire your tongue ! Looks so nice with your black fur !

  2. Wow, you are a really intelligent cat.
    Funny picture :-)
    Have a nice day !!!

  3. I am so terrible with links and feeds and such. You are much brighter than I at the Internet! Love the LOL photo! Happy Tuesday.

  4. LOL Looks like you are about to FEED!

  5. Very cool! Thanks for the lesson in LOLCats and LOLFeeds. :) More to waste my time with. ;)

  6. I'm so new I have now idea what everyone is talking about. I'm off to learn the cat.

  7. Cute picture. Don't have a clue about RSS, either.

    D :)

  8. This is all new to me too. I will have to check it out!

  9. Fascinating info! Happy COT!


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