Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Delayed Mail

Shortly after you left a blue bird pair flew into the garden. This forced me to put up 5 more bird houses. Hopefully blue birds will take over one before swallows move in. I throw out bird food for the turkey that will stay around until her prince charming comes to lure her away.
I just received a letter today from my father, from which I quote one paragraph above. He died two years ago. How strange to hear his voice from eleven years past, six years before I moved to Vermont. He lived fifteen miles north of where I live in Barton. I live these rhythms of the birds myself now. Late April seems early for blue birds to me now, as used as I am to late April snow storms. But the birds frequently return before the snow is over. I never thought I would capture a swallow in my camera, but I did so just this past weekend. This is a bittersweet day.


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