Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mosquito Hawk

Please click on the photo to view it full size in a new window. I used iPhoto with abandon.



  1. I've never seen anything like that insect. Does it go after mosquitoes? If so, can we have some shipped over here? Pretty please...

  2. What a wonderful picture although I am not a fan of insects ! Little Rosie is home so if you want to visit her, poor Arthur is afraid of this mini cat !

  3. we have those here but I don't know what they are called. we call them skeeterbugs but I'm sure they have a much more "bug" name than that.

  4. Hang on I live in London where we get loads of those every year. They are NOTHING TO DO with mosquitos though I accept the resemblance. They are Crane Flies "Daddy Longlegs" - haven't you heard of them? Probably they're relatively rare in your part of the world but we get them in droves here. They like to rest on white walls. They DO NOT BITE. So don't worry about them!

    Hi I've been looking through your stuff. You have LOADS of blogs don't you!! Great stuff!
    All the best to you
    "vol 2" ...

  5. Meeyauw- I told the smashed storefront story for today's post- just for you!


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