Thursday, June 07, 2007

No More Students!

Fifth grade boys love frogs. This is the favorite photo of the boys from the field trip.

Almost no more students. I will have my college students, but that's fine (and they are just the best group). Only half a day left with the little ones. This is the week that all teachers dread: writing report cards, cajoling students to turn in late work, the long field trips, field days, assemblies and parties. I think I have had cake every day this week. Today we had cake and ice cream! I passed on the cake at the graduation tonight. I actually have had enough cake. Who would've thought that would happen?

The field trip was to Shelburne Museum near Burlington. A two and a half hour drive, four hours of walking, and a two and a half hour drive back. I got some good photos which are in my Flickr set. I actually have to return this summer to the museum in order to actually see what is there. Taking energetic fifth graders to this museum means you never see a thing. You follow, oversee, and chase. Once I was able to collapse on a bench when the kids found a carousel to ride on.

Even though I have to clean and pack up my classroom, I feel like a free woman. Report cards are all done! It's a miracle!

Driving to the graduation tonight, I nearly ran over a tiny chipmunk or red squirrel. As I looked in the rear view mirror to make sure there was no body in the road, I noticed that a large bird was swooping down on the escaping animal. I hope it survived the bird attack.

Farmers are making their first cut of hay for the season. It smells like heaven everywhere (except where it smells like manure because of the manure spreaders).

Coming up: 7 lazy days of professional development, a weekend or two in Rutland, my grandson coming for the summer, Circus Smirkus, swimming lessons, and reading books. And reading and reading and reading.

Life is so great!


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