Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Procrastination Can Be Good

Sometimes I get lucky, as in the photo above.

I was supposed to go into work to pack up my classroom and bring home curriculum materials I will need over the summer. But it is not a contractual day so I put it off. I watched the tapes of yesterday's soaps at 9 AM, showered at 11 AM, flickr'ed, blogged: in effect, I did everything I could think of to put it off.

Finally I began to close windows preparing to leave when a huge deer startled me across the road. I got my camera and crept out the door. But I had startled her, also, and she was hiding in the grass:

Finally she lept over the cattails to disappear into the woods. Another perfect shot that I missed. I turned and saw a robin hopping about at the edge of the yard and photographed her, getting the shot above.

I am going to leave now. I think the reason I am going to school is because I want lunch at Paddy's Snack Bar in Troy. A grumpy pair they are, but the pies are great. I also want more photos, especially of the mysterious purple flowers in the beaver meadow. They are probably lupine or loosestrife but they look iris-like in my zoom lens.

I have to get a move on: Wingnut is coming Saturday. So much work and no time left!


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